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Feb 19

Payday Loans Are For Emergencies

The payday loan industry receives quite a bit of negative press. The fact of the matter is, payday loans do come with a high interest rate and if you miss a payment you can end up having to pay quite a bit of money to the loan lending company. But when you have no money [...]

Feb 6

Flexible Payment Plans For Payday Advances

When getting a payday advance, there are so many options available. There are hundreds of websites available and hundreds of lenders. Who do you trust? Which payday loan website is one that actually gives you low interest rates? It can be a tough and stressful situation to figure out who you should get a short [...]

Jan 30

Payday Loans Can Cover Funeral Payments

When someone passes in your family it becomes a time of grief. Losing someone is never easy, especially if their death was sudden or unexpected. At times like these you can turn to family and friends for comfort. After you have gotten over the emotional part of losing a loved one there are other things [...]

Jan 29

Get Cash For Valentines Day

Valentines day is only a few days away, and guys, your lady is probably expecting you to pull out all the stops. Now we are not here to help you create the perfect valentines day date, but we are here to help make sure you have the money you need to give your lady the [...]

Jan 27

Payday Advances – Get Cash Quick

If you have ever needed cash quickly a payday advance is a great option. If you need a few hundred dollars right away you can apply for a payday loan by filling out a loan applicationĀ  right here on our site. So what exactly is a payday advance? A payday advance is a short term [...]